Emphoa's Commissions

Payment sent through paypal, Zelle, or Venmo, payment accepted ahead of time.


Light/heavy gore



- Payment is required to be sent first before I get started, all payment can be handled through PM.- Do not take off my watermark or re-post without my permission, my work is my own.- time can take up to a week, depending on how much I work or how piled up commissions are. I will keep you updated on how it is going.- no refunds, once I am finished, I am finished. I'd prefer not to have my time wasted.- I will only change during the sketching stage of your comm, after that there will be extra fees.- I do not permit my work to be used on merchandise of any kind, unless given explicit permission.- When posting/sharing my artwork, credit one of my social media/art sites!


Headshot - $15
Bust - $20
Fullbody - $30

Flat Color

Headshot - $30
Bust - $35
Fullbody - $40

Shaded Color

Headshot - $35
Bust - $40
Fullbody - $50


Headshot - $35
Bust - $45
Fullbody - $50

Bouncy Pixels

50 x 50 - $10
100 x 100 - $15
Add a background - $5


Base Shimeji Price - $110
Depending on the complexity of the character, the price can be raised.
I do not do human shimejis, only ferals.

Simple Ref Sheets

Base Reference Price - $80
If you would like more elements added into a reference sheet, It will add up to the cost of the reference sheet! Discuss with me if you would like to know more.

YCH Walk Cycles

$70 for a simple character/markings w/ no line art changes$80 for a simple character w/ head and tail line art changes...$100 for a complex character/markings w/ no line art changes$120 for a complex character/markings w/ head and tail line art changes

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